If you’re searching for The Best Weed Delivery Hamilton, you’ve come to the right place! Some smokers prefer indica, some prefer sativa. But for the smoker who wants the best of both worlds, Hybrid is the way to go. Cannabis users of all kinds no longer have to make the tough decision of selecting from either/or. Professional Cannabis Botanists/Growers have revolutionized the marijuana world.

Hybrid Strains are grown by cross-breeding premium indica strains with premium sativa strains, resulting in a strain that brings you the absolute best attributes from each of their respected categories. Hybrids vary in percentages, meaning some strains are more indica-dominant and some strains are sativa-dominant (typically anywhere from 55-95%). For example an indica-dominant strain can be 65% indica to 35% sativa, 65% being the greater number, so it would be deemed an indica-dominant Hybrid.